Half-Orc Ranger/Sorcerer



  • Half-Orc Male (Draconic Heritage(Primal Magma)/Bloodline)
  • Height: 6’4"
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Hair: Jet Black with red/orange streaks
  • Skin: Yellow-green as an orc. Slowly begins to manifest dark black scales and cracks in his skin, looking almost like rivulets of magma as his draconic heritage begins to manifest.
  • Eyes: whites of the eyes are a solid black color, with fiery red/orange iris.
  • Age: 19
  • He lives with a mitigated fear of death. He is not afraid to throw himself into dangerous situations, or be at the front lines in combat, however he is haunted in knowing that one day he must face the end. He walks into danger to try and prove to himself that he can overcome even death itself, but his eventual demise hangs over him like a dark cloud, simultaneously making him weigh every action, while spurring him forward.

Born into a world which he does not fully understand, D’Zek has always been a pariah. The adopted son of Rezagoff chief of the Frozen Tusk orc tribe, and younger “brother” of Krolek, the favored son and successor. Much of the tribe (save for the love of his father, and friendship of his brother) have always viewed D’zek with a sometimes, not so subtle hostility. D’Zek was found as a youngling, alone in the foothills of the Tordra Mountains by Chief Rezagoff during the yearly mammoth hunt, and subsequently raised as his own, causing many in the tribe to question his leadership.

Years later, though D’zek has proven himself as a formidable combatant and premier scout and tracker, he has garnered no further respect from the tribe. As he came of age, D’zek began to manifest strange, innate powers, that he did not fully comprehend. He could feel the fire in his bloodstream, the call in the back of his mind, a voice speaking secrets in hushed tones. As these powers began to appear, so too did his appearance began to change. Inexplicably he began growing streaks of red hair in his once jet black mane. He grew claws of black. But perhaps the most frightening of all (and the one leading many to truly question what this orc truly is) were his eyes. The whites slowly glossed over, a shiny black obsidian color. The irises then began to turn a dark orange/red. Fiery, and filled with a young but wild wisdom, tempered by a lifetime of trial, abuse, and mistrust from those around him.

With no one but his father and brother, D’Zek openly embraced the teachings of Hargrav, Ranger and former Frozen Tusk scout leader. Hargrav was forced to retire when blinded during one of many frequent skirmishes with their bitter enemies the Broken Fang tribe. This didn’t stop him from staying an excellent tracker, due to his keen sense of hearing and smell. He fought with a greatsword without the use of his eyes, better than many could hope to with sight. His blindness also gave him a deeper appreciation for the personality and soul of others. D’Zeks’ physically frightening countenance was never an issue for Hargrav, who viewed D’Zek as his protege. Today D’Zek is a premier scout for the tribe, though he holds no leadership of a squad (the rest of the tribe would never trust him enough.)

Today he seeks a greater enlightenment in nature, to understand the power growing within him in hopes that he will one day win respect within his tribe, and to find a sense of worth and companionship after a life of outcast solitude.



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