Half-Orc Barbarian/Druid



  • Race: Half-orc, Male
  • Height: 6 feet 7 inches
  • Weight: 285 pounds
  • Hair: Medium, charcoal color
  • Skin: Light yellow-green hue, tattoo of a thorn covered vine wrapping up right arm
  • Eyes: Cobalt
  • Age: 22 years
  • Fear: Being tired or fatigued
  • Tribe: Frozen Tusk

SHUG – The Tree Breaker

  • Species: Wooly Mammoth, Male
  • Height: 4 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 380 pounds
  • Fur: Long, Albino with black tusks
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: Yearling

Krolek was born in the southern reaches of Trineas near the Winterwilde and Tordra mountains. His father is Rezagoff, the chief and druidic shaman of the Frozen Tusk Tribe of orcs. Krolek is the firstborn son of Rezagoff and is the chief to be when training is complete and the time is ready. Although he is Rezagoff’s only son, he does have an adopted younger brother named D’zek who serves the tribe as a ranger and scout.

Krolek’s mother was killed in a raid by an opposing tribe called Broken Fang years ago when he was a child, which is the main reason he strived to be a champion warrior. His father raised both him and his brother D’zek to live as superior warriors and to learn the ways of nature. Rezagoff has recently begun showing Krolek the teachings of the Druids so that he may take a step closer to becoming a suited chief for the tribe. The Frozen Tusk Tribe’s chief throughout their history has always taken the role of being the shaman so that he may “guide” the tribe in every aspect both as a warrior and as a spiritualist.

Every year in the plains just north of the Tordra Mountains the mammoth herds migrate to graze in the new grass of the foothills. When this occurs, the men of the tribe make the journey to hunt and the older boys accompany the hunt for their rite of passage to manhood. In the latest hunt Krolek managed to fell a female mammoth who happened to have a calf with her. During the bloodlust of the hunt he had not noticed the baby and after taking her down the young mammoth refused to leave her side. Krolek took pity on this poor creature and could not find it in his heart to leave it to die of starvation or the elements so he coaxed it into following him home. Thus the bond was made and the name Shug was given to the mammoth.

Currently Krolek is undergoing harsh training with his father to prepare for the imminent war with the Broken Fang Tribe. His brother D’zek is also training severely with Hargrav and the rest of the rangers of the tribe. Krolek hopes to finally exact revenge for his slain mother and gain approval from the tribe to show he is the rightful chief-to-be.


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