Dynamic DC's

In order to make the game more dynamic, we’ve introduced Dynamic DC’s to combat – rather than having a base score of 10 for AC and CMD, we use a d20 to make things a bit more random.

It’s quite simple to just have opposing checks for Touch and Normal AC and Attack Rolls, just to simulate the chaos of battle. Other than this small adjustment, everything else involving armor stays the same – The only thing that will remain a static base 10 instead of a d20 will be flat-footed AC. When flat footed, a character is not moving, so there is no dynamic dexterity modifier to the AC.

This spices up combat, keeping players engaged in combat even when it isn’t their turn.

Don’t forget to use an action point for that +1d6 bonus to AC if you need it.


Todo has a normal AC of 14 ( 6 Armor, -2 Dex ), and he gets attacked. Instead of the base 10 for his AC, his AC would be a 1d20+4. Todo’s touch AC would be 1d20-2, and flat footed would be 16 (normal w/base 10).

Dynamic DC's

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