History of the World

0 –
The world was created.

3241 -
Abysia begins her reign.

3508 -
The Allies seal Abysia and Ascend to become Deities, they are now known as “The Ascendents” or “The Ascendent Council.” This begins a new Age for Atra.

1 PA (Post Apocalypse) -
The Restlings mostly retreat back to their Island settlements throughout Atra, no longer having an interest in magic items, since they aren’t outlawed any longer.

36 PA -
The remaining “orcs” of the world begin banding together to form new tribes.

1491 PA -
The Empire begins its conquering in what is known as the Thousand Year War.

1874 PA –
On the New Year, a bright light flashed over Atra and Orcs began to develop a bloodlust.

History of the World

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