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House Rules

Being a modified Pathfinder Campaign means that we have some modifications, of course. The following house rules are all in place either to speed up combat (more time for roleplaying), making the game more dynamic, or just to help keep the players prepped for the next session.

Dynamic DC’s
Action Points
The Timer


We have created a Pantheon loosely based on various sources, including (but not limited to)… Pathfinder Pantheon, Olympian Mythology, Zelda Mythology, Dragonlance Pantheon, etc.

Cities and Towns of Atra

Here’s a list of cities and towns in Atra that the party has visited. If you keep track of the entries, you may notice that some of the rumors in the city have changed. It could be worth checking from time to time. Just sayin’.


Plot Status Page

Click here to check out the current and completed plots the PC’s are involved in. This is just a random assortment of notes, really – but it’s a good way to check out the progress of the campaign.

History of the World

And last, but not least, make sure to check out History of the World. This is just a small timeline that has public editing available – so help create the history of Atra (keep it simple – just notes. There will be dedicated pages for historical figures and information on cities).

The more history we have, the more we can implement historical information into gameplay. The only thing that’s currently off-limits is the history of Thromgard – GM will personally be editing that at the moment.

Main Page

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