The Timer

This is one of those house rules (new tradition, really) that is being put in place to both speed up gameplay AND make the game more dynamic.

During combat, each player at the table will have 30 seconds on their turn to move and make a decision. If the player hasn’t decided what to do within the 30 second time limit, then they lose their turn. This may seem harsh, especially for spellcasters, but it encourages the players to have spells prepped (using spell cards), feats known, and an action in mind before their turn rolls around.

Combat immediately becomes slightly more realistic in this manner – if players make a mistake because they were stressed about the 30 seconds it took to make a decision, then their character made a mistake, as well. Such is the flow of a real fight, people screw up.

Players that lose their turn out of indecision face a similar result – their character was baffled that round and couldn’t decide what to do. The rest of the fight continues without them.

The timer is only in effect for the decision-making process. Rolls, calculations, applying results (from buffs or heals) to character sheets, etc. can all go over the time-limit if necessary, but there’s no more treating fast-paced combat like a chess game.

The Timer

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