Thromgard is considered the dwarven capitol of Trineas. Due to heavy trade from seafaring merchants and smugglers, the city has a very diverse population, especially at the surface of the mountain city.

The city is laid out in multiple tiers, built into the mountain itself. The surface level of the city is a place where the races mingle, trade, and party. The main currents of the city can usually be seen on the surface, though almost all dwarves avoid the surface. Dwarven guard patrols and less fortunate dwarves (usually drunks) are typically the only dwarves on the surface.

Dwarves guard the underground levels of Thromgard, but it is possible on occasion to gain access to the lower levels of Thromgard. The first underground tier of Thromgard (first level under the surface) is considered the craft and trade tier of Thromgard. This is where dwarven merchants, smiths, and other craftsman spend most of their days, using messengers to trade their goods with the surface.

The second tier of Thromgard is the residential tier. This is where most dwarven commoners live. It’s far enough away from the King’s Tier and the surface of Thromgard for most commoners to live comfortably. it’s also quite easy to access either the dock and craft tiers of Thromgard Proper.

The third tier of Thromgard is the dock tier. Massive stone docks exit the cliff side of the mountain into the open waters of the sea to the South. The docks extend far enough out to avoid the rough waters created by the cliffs, and stone ramps make a path to the surface of the city. A well-guarded entrance to Thromgard prevents any but dwarves entering the city proper from the docks, but it is a very convenient location for dwarves to receive supplies and trade goods from the merchants.

The fourth and “final” tier of Thromgard is the King’s Tier. This is where the nobles keep their quarters, far away from the surface and the other petty “lesser” races of Atra. The King’s Tier is covered in Heartstone runes that provide lighting between the pillars that support the mountain above, and also serve as palaces for the noble.

Thromgard Public Information

Population: 37312
GP Limit: 72656
Wealth: 271115864
Authority Class: Fighter
Authority Title: King
Full Time Guards: 573
Conscriptable: 1865

Notable NPC’s

King Gerhard
The Strong King (Deceased)

Grady the Shade
Thieves’ Guildmaster

Alden Greystone
King’s Captain of the Guard

King Tremaine
The King’s Son – Dabbler of Wizardry
Assassinated his father


Treasure in the King’s Tears
It’s rumored throughout the city that there is a massive hoard of treasure in the mythical caverns beneath the King’s Pillar. Though none of the citizens have ever known of any proof of the caverns or a treasure, the myth has been flowing through the city for centuries. The myth is usually considered a child’s tale, but recently the rumors have become a bit more rampant among the merchants and thieves of Thromgard.

Apparently the public believes that members of the Thieves’ Guild have assassinated King Gerhard. It happened during the earthquake, and the public is up-in-arms for any thieves roaming the lower levels of Thromgard. Guards on the surface are also looking for any unsavory people – dwarves are still in a violent mood after the “incident” with the orcs, and now have somebody else to target.


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