(Deity) Metharenn

The Tree Mother

Lesser Deity
Symbol: Green and Gold Oak
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Nature, Beasts, Druids, Wisdom, Time
Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Knowledge, Death
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Metharenn is the twin sister to Throgash, and they are polar opposites as to what they represent. Metharenn keeps watch over all animal and plant life in the world making sure that nature is never overrun by sprawling cities and civilization.

Even though she shares the same alignment as her brother, Metharenn often disputes with Throgash over matters such as deforesting, endangered species, and overpopulation of certain civilizations. These disputes will sometimes lead to cities being plagued or entire forests burning down.

Metharenn openly embraces all who take the path of the Druid and chooses to guide them as a mother. Anyone who respects the land and its many creatures will reap her blessing. She has been rumored to be spotted as various different “creatures” in forests across the world.

(Incomplete Entry, elaborate, loosely based on nature gods.)

(Deity) Metharenn

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