(Deity) Solinus

The Mighty Eye

Lesser Deity (Magic/Moon)
Symbol: A Polished White Disk
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: Divination, White Magic, Wisdom
Domains: Rune, Magic
Favored Weapon: Dagger

The White Moon of Atra, one of the three Gods of Magic. Solinus, like his siblings, does not enjoy taking on Clerics, and therefor offers very limited domains for clerics that follow him. He encourages his followers to visit the various towers of magic to learn from the orders of the Magi.

Solinus also spends very much time with his siblings discussing matters of magic. They are not hostile toward one another – magic is a matter of force, and they do not see each other as good, neutral, or evil – they are simply arcane deities. During meetings between the deities, the Siblings of Magic are often seen with each other discussing things without interacting with other deities.

(Deity) Solinus

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