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Welcome to Atra!

This is a modified Pathfinder RPG Campaign that takes place in the world of Atra – A world of subtle decay and rampant magic.

House Rules

We love Pathfinder, and most of us are D&D 3.5 players before discovering Pathfinder, so we’ve adapted house rules from various 3.5 and (rarely) some 4e sources to fit into Atra to speed up play, make the game more dynamic, and create a very fluid experience within the Pathfinder rules.

Make sure that you read the House Rules and familiarize yourself with our style of play.

Open World, Open Wiki

This is a sandbox with multiple plots that the characters can follow – as such, this is an open wiki, as well. If you discover something interesting in a major city that you think would need to be noted – add it to the Wiki. If you discover something completely NEW in the world of Atra, make a wiki page about it.

The GM will also update random articles with adventure hooks in areas that the characters are visiting, so taking a quick look at the wiki will be the equivalent of the characters talking to locals and catching rumors.

The Forums are Important, Too

Make sure to check the forums in between sessions – make sure to write in the forums, too. If you do nothing else, at least have a little discussion in the “Around the Campfire” section between sessions – that’s exactly what it’s for.

Also, there may be experience bonuses for the “Around the Campfire” discussions.

Send the GM Your Notes, but Don’t Touch the Adventure Log

The Adventure Log will be the area that the GM writes out the major plot points for the adventure so far, there is a forum thread for player notes.

The GM NEEDS player notes to determine what NPC’s the PC’s found interesting, important, etc. The GM also likes to know what skill challenges the PC’s had fun with, what the PC’s thought was particularly difficult in a session, or where the PC’s think a particular sub-plot is headed. Bonus Experience will be provided for good Player Notes (slipped into the experience pool at the end of the night so nobody will know exactly how much XP was bonus.)


The GM may ask a lot from you, but it’s all in the interest of the game. What should it matter if you log on to the wiki once or twice a week to make a forum post or two if the GM is planning for hours every week to make sure you have a great session? It helps the GM a LOT when you interact outside of the session.

Home Page

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